We’ve rounded up some of our favourite, unspolit destinations in Greece. We have found secluded beaches and peaceful villages, away from the hustle and bustle of the main cities. Have a read and drift off into the deep blue skies and oceans that this beautiful destination has to offer.

Yialos, Lefkada

Yialos on the island of Lefkada is mostly deserted in summer. The island is home to the mountainside village of Athani and requires either a vehicle or a strong pair of legs to negotiate the steep 4km road from the beach. Lekada is joined to the mainland using a causeway and is also served by the preveza airport.

Dimitsana, Arcadia

Dimitsana is a village on the mountainous Arcadia region. The village overlooks the Lousios River and is set on a double hump. Due to the lengthy period of Norman and Frankish rule, there are half a dozen churches in this island. The temple of Apollo Epikourios as well as Asklepios and the world famous Olympia are also at the heartland of this Peloponnesian heartland.

Nas, Ikaria

Ikaria is known for its quirkiness, while Nas has an alternative feel to it. The island is almost completely closed off by what seems to be sculpted rock formations. It is also home to the crumbling remains of the temple of Artemis. The inhabitants are known to stay up all night, and sleep till late in the morning, not to mention an afternoon nap.

Vatera, Lesvos


This large island has fantastic beaches with fine clear sand and pristine blue waters. It is not crowded with establishments as apart from the beach, the only other attraction to be found is an ouzo distillery and a few spas located on the hot springs near poliknitos.

Prespa Lakes, West Macedonia


Now a national park and one of the most important sanctuaries in the Balkans, Prespa lakes in west Macedonia lie at the meeting point of Albania, Macedonia and Greece. These two lakes are home to a few species of fish that include a rare carp and a freshwater sardine. If you would like to explore this national park click here for cheap holiday deals to Greece from Directline.

Ermoupoli, Syros


Culture and sun meet in this truly Greek island capital. Several catholic churches and neoclassical mansions dot this island as well as the Apollon Theatre and a small archeological museum also features on this island. It spreads uphill from the harbor towards Ano Syros and is the administrative capital of the Cyclades.

Myrtos, Crete

Myrtos is a village of white walled houses on the corner of Greece’s largest island. The beach rarely gets crowded, and the facilities are adequate. A small museum with a folklore section can also be found on the island.

Limni Keriou, Zakynthos


Club 18-30 of Laganas is in stark contrast to the village of Limni keriou on the south west. Its beach is not spectacular, but pleasant enough and makes for a good base to explore the west coast of Zakynthos.

Zagorohoria, Epirus

Home to wolves, brown bears and traditional villages, the rugged mountains of Pindus range and the UNESCO protected Vikos Gorge will be a delight for any hiker. The area is collectively known as Zagorohoria.


There is absolutely nothing going on in this island which is far removed from the rest of Europe. Eat super fresh fish and relax in the sun, or visit Agios loannis where you are likely to find a nudist community of hippy campers.


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