If you have ever searched the Internet for a funny, memorable tourist destination, you have probably encountered many theme parks that can be considered unique and interesting.

They are extremely diverse, and although they are not of any important cultural value, they are fun to visit.

So, I decided to start a list of the most interesting and memorable theme parks. Here we go.

The first theme park is a part of South Korea travel. The name of the park is Loveland. It even sounds romantic and sentimental when you say “I’m going to Loveland,” but you definitely won’t have the same idea when you enter its gates. Loveland is the only sex theme park in the world. It is located only 10 minutes away from the Jeju international airport.

The park is full of special sculptures. Why are they special? Because they are all about and connected with sex. Some of the sculptures show different sex positions and the others are pretty humorous. Sometimes they are oversized, sometimes diminutive or even mixed.

Many sculptures are very erotic and sexy, some have a very humorous coloring, others even rotate. All together there are 140 sex sculptures in the park.

This tourist destination is actually very young. Its history started on November 16, 2004, when graduates of Hongik University of Seoul decided to show off their sculptures.

It will take only an hour to view all the exhibits, but if you plan any other innocent activities like taking photos or having a closer look at each one of the statues, make sure you’re free for the day.

The theme park opens at 9 a.m; however, the tickets are sold from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

And imagine you have to pay only $6 to enter this original theme park. However, don’t forget that there’s an age restriction. You have to be 18 or above to access this tourist destination. If you are with kids on a vacation in South Korea, but want to visit Loveland, I’m glad to tell you that there’s a special playground area where your kids can play until you’re done with your excursion.

Adding everything up, I recommend you take my travel advice and visit it one day, as you won’t even have time to get bored in this park: you’ll be either shocked or amused.


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