Gothic architecture is a timeless target of interest and admiration. All over the world there are thousands of samples of this architectural style, and all of them are amazingly gorgeous.

When thinking over Europe destinations for a journey I made the following top list of Gothic style European cathedrals, and I would like to share it with you.

With its spire rising up 161 meters, Ulm Münster is the tallest cathedral in the world. It is situated in Ulm, Germany.

The construction of the cathedral took five centuries (14th-19th). The addition of the spire in 1890 was the final touch. The sight of the spire is really breathtaking.

After climbing 768 stone steps you will get to its top and enjoy the feeling of superiority over the world that’s below.

Cologne Cathedral is another gorgeous building located in Cologne, Germany. The cathedral has the largest church facade.

Construction began in the 13th century and was completed in 1880. During World War I the cathedral was hit 14 times, but didn’t suffer from serious destruction.

Today, however, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a “World heritage in danger,” because the walls of the building are gradually eroding.

Sagrada Familia is an unreal masterpiece located in Barcelona, Spain.

The construction of the church started in 1882 and is planned to be completed in 2026, with the 200th anniversary of the death of the initial architect of the temple, Antoni Gaudi.

It has 18 towers representing 12 Apostles, four Evangelists, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. It also has three facades — the Nativity Facade to the east  the Passion facade to the west and the Glory facade to the south.

Each of them is unique with its symbolism and biblical sculptures. This September, a part of the cathedral interior will be open to visitors, and you can be one of those first to witness this heavenly stone beauty.

In the “city of hundred spires” Rouen, France, there is a cast-iron spire watching the world from its heavenly height–the spire of Cathedrale Notre Dame de Rouen.

The construction of the cathedral began early in the 13th century and was completed in the 17th century.

Tour Saint-Romain, Tour de Beurre and Tour Lanterne are the three towers of the cathedral, decorated with bells and iron and stone sculptures of Gothic style.

This was one of Claude Monet’s favorite sights, and he created a fascinating series of 30 paintings, depicting the cathedral under different lighting and weather conditions.

In Somerset, England, you will find a large number of towers known to the world as Somerset Towers.

Constructed from the 14th to 16th centuries, these towers are considered the best samples of British medieval architecture.

The spires of the towers rise to 55 meters. Medieval bells and the bell-ringing tradition is still a default practice at this outstanding treasure, which makes this place even more appealing to visitors.



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