It was supposed to be the greatest day of my trip to England–I was going to London!

I could never expect that my trip would be so filled with adventures, fun and thrilling moments. First of all, in spite of the weather forecast that promised a wonderful, sunny summer day, it rained– of course, it’s London.

And, after five minutes of walking in the rain, my shoes were so damaged, that I couldn’t walk in them any longer.

So I spent the whole day walking barefoot along the streets of the wonderful city. I even managed to get lost a couple of times, come across an acquaintance (amazing, meeting someone you know in that huge city!), make new friends and fall in love with London.

1. I can’t say that I managed to view everything in one day, but below is a list of things I did see, which will help you experience London as I saw it and save time on planning where to go.Tower Bridge & The Thames.

They are the two most famous symbols of the city. The best way to get close to them is by taking a cruise on the Thames. You will not only feel the real atmosphere of London, but also see most of its important touristic points.

2. The London Tube (Underground). To be in London and not use their famous metro would be a great crime, believe me! And use the chance to drive around and see some of the most famous stations like the King’s Cross, which got famous after the “Harry Potter” books and movies.

Then get off at Baker Street station, with Sherlock Holmes motifs and a statue depicting him, standing right in front of the entrance to the station.

3. The Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. This is one of the most famous British museums located right around the corner, so you can spend an hour or two, walking among celebrities and taking photos with them.

4. The best Fish’n Chips ever–in London! There are really nice little restaurants all around, which serve fabulously tasty food. The one I visited was called “Fish Bone” on Cleveland street, but take your pick.

5. Hyde Park. What can be more pleasant than chilling out after a tasty meal? You would never find a better place to lie calmly on the grass–of course, if it stops raining! Well, I was lucky, the sun came out and I could enjoy my time in the huge green park.

Another thing–if you want to see how Englishmen really are, Hyde Park will give you the opportunity to get to know their habits and character. All those families, laughing couples and people reading books would be a perfect subject for a painting.

6. Picadilly. After a break, walk along Picadilly and shop for souvenirs and clothes (shoes, in my case). It’s really close to the park, so you will have no problems getting there.

7. The London Eye. The view from the top of the London Eye was breathtaking. The half-lit city looked gorgeous in the pink rays of the setting sun. I could see everything, every building along the Thames. There are no words to describe how amazing it felt to view that scenery. But if you don’t buy tickets beforehand, you will have to wait really long to get on it.

8. Fabric club. What a better way to finish the day than partying at one of the most well-known clubs in London–Fabric!  I met my friends from earlier in the day there, and it started–perhaps my craziest night ever. The music was great, the DJs were fantastic, the people were glamorous–everything was perfect!

After leaving the club early in the morning, I had to wait two hours for a bus to take me away. But it was totally worth it. I was in London!


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