When I choose the best places to travel, I pay special attention to the cuisine of the country. I always want to find a comfortable restaurant where I can dine during my stay in that city.

Each country has many restaurants that attract you not only by their dishes, but also by the interior design. The owners tend to make their restaurants unique or even shocking.

The trend of extraordinary restaurants spreads very quickly, and nowadays such restaurants are really popular among travelers.

The top four most extraordinary restaurants in the world are:

The Blind Cow (Zurich)

On your European travel excursion, visit the Blind Cow in Zurich! Black wallpaper prevails in this restaurant. It has no wall sconce lighting and the waiters greet and escort the guests with night vision devices. The use of a lighter, cell phone or any kind of modern lighting fixtures is forbidden in this restaurant.

Unexpectedly, visitors had a positive reaction, saying that the absence of visual signals intensifies taste buds and they fully concentrate on food. Too bad they can’t see what they’re eating!

The Toilet Restaurant (China)

If your travel destinations include China, find the Toilet Restaurant. It’s an ideal restaurant for people, who ”never” vomit. The interior consists of bathroom items. The chairs and tables are replaced with toilets, bathroom sinks and vanities.

Anyway, the toilet-like atmosphere is not all about this restaurant. The food has a similarity to feces. Drinks are served in plastic containers similar to those used for urine analysis. Sounds pretty gross.

he saddest restaurants (Ukraine and India)

You can dine in a really “sad restaurant” during your Ukraine travel adventureThe Ukrainian restaurant Eternity is designed in the style of a cemetery. The columns are replaced with coffins. There are also wreaths made of artificial flowers. The menu includes a meal called ”The 40th day” and a hot dish called  ”Will meet in paradise.”

Unlike Eternity, the Indian restaurant New Luck is really located in an old Muslim cemetery. And if you think that this restaurant has a walnut laminate flooring or strand bamboo flooring — you are mistaken! The constructors didn’t even replace the graves. The waiters usually step over the gravestones when carrying the orders. Every day the manager decorates the gravestones with dry flowers. Too weird.

A clinic-restaurant (Singapore)

If you have no fear towards hospitals, doctors and medical items, visit Aurum in Singapore. The interior of this restaurant will remind you of an operating room – tables and ordinary chairs are replaced with wheel chairs and operating desks. You will not find professional kitchen appliances here. Do you need a knife? Use a scalpel, please!

Even if you are not a lover of the extreme, these restaurants are worth visiting, even for a few minutes.


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