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Now’s The Time To Explore Tallinn


Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and lies on the southern coast of Finland Gulf which is about 70 km from Helsinki. Toompea hill is located at the historical and medieval heart of the Tallinn city and is covered in cobbled streets that are filled with alleyways and houses. To explore Tallinn then you must visit the following places as they are a must see.

Tallinn Old Town

This is a jumble has a an architecture of between 14th and 15th century with needing spires, and twisting, medieval walls, cobblestone streets and also known to be the site of the most important historic and attraction of Tallinn.

 Toompea Hill

This is an Estonian stronghold of ancient 10th century and is a 170 foot high plateau which was divided later into small and big fortress with the erection of its distinctive defense towers in the early 13th century

Town Hall square

This is a historic square that has been serving as a market place since the 11th century and has a pharmacy that has been operating since 1422.

 Oleviste Church

The church was built originally in 1250 and in the middle ages it was considered in Europe to be the tallest building. It has become a landmark and its now being used by the congregation of both Baptist and Methodist

 Tondi shooting range

This is where you can enjoy indoor shooting range that is done in a large and spacious hall in the Baltic States. You have an opportunity here to try shooting by using a real gun. They offer different packages that are for beginners and for those that are experienced shooters. For those who do ordinary shooting they can get permits from here.

 Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum

the museum is located just 15 minutes’ drive from the city of Tallinn and you have a chance to see architecture and get acquainted to the life of the village. The museum has 12 farms that are used to show the visitors about the life of the families of 18th – 20th centuries of different occupation and income.


This is the best way to add adventure to a team building event as the place is fully packed with fun. Some of the things that are offered here include battles at the field, or you can go to other fields that are around Estonia. The place has experienced instructors who will make you have fun to the fullest.

 Dome Church/St. Mary’s church

On the top of Cathedral hill is where the church is located and is known to be a historic church that has served as a place of burial for the noble families since the 13th century.

Tallinn is one place that you will have a lot of things to do and to see as you explore the city, and to travel there you need to apply for photo on driving licence for getting licence easily This is can be done online and from any part of the world.

It is easier, quicker and efficient and will save you time and money that you would have used to go and do the booking. Make sure you plan in time and all travelling documents are ready prior to your travelling.


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