here is a conflict between tourism in the Yucatan in Mexico and the preservation and conservation of natural resources in Yucatan. Mangroves are very beautiful trees that add the perfect housing for fisheries.

As the new resorts are built the Mangroves are taking a hard hit. Due to the improvement in converting the land into resort centers, the Mangroves of the land are being destroyed to make room for the resort areas.

The Mangroves have many environmental benefits which if conserved will continue to be an asset to the land. In Yucatan about 70 percent of the coastal fisheries are dependent on the Mangrove trees and the environment they create. If the Mangroves are properly preserved there will be enough fish for the population.

Conserving the Mangrove trees is also an opportunity of protecting the biodiversity of the environment with several medicinal plants, reptiles and native birds of the environment that is being protected.

This area is also protected from erosion by the mangrove vegetation. The Mangroves also have the capability of protecting the area against hurricanes.

This is reported to be dependent on the severity of the storm that visits the area and the amount of conservation efforts of the Mangrove forest. The roots of the Mangrove crawl across the ground and they will thrive in water to create the perfect breeding ground for fish and crustaceans.

There is so much to gain from conservation efforts of the Mangrove forest in Yucatan if the conservation laws are obeyed by the government and citizens of Yucatan in Mexico. The resources that could be harnessed from the Mangrove forest are so enormous.

There are many things that come from the trees such as the timber products that are for both industrial and personal use and from this wood can come charcoal, firewood, cellulose for paper among others. The Mangrove forest is mostly threatened by human activities.

Mexican government 

The Mexican government has established the Mangrove management acts which are to be regulated by the Mexican officials. The management acts set forth by the Mexican government were made to establish the regulations for the sustainable preservation, restoration and conservation of the coastal humidity in the Yucatan Mangrove zones.

All of this is meant to ensure the preservation of the Mangrove forest by regulating that any alteration made to the Mangroves should be followed in order to ensure the integrity of the Mangrove and the environment in general.

As part of the actions taken to preserve the Mangrove of Yucatan, an article was added to the Wildlife General Law to bring about the range of legal apparatus that will strengthen the environmental authorities.

This prohibition is meant to prevent the effects of the tourism projects scheduled to be built that will have a negative impact to the Mangrove forest and the environment in general. Of course, as with any new laws enacted there have been things to hinder the conservation efforts.

One very crucial hindrance is the noncompliance of some government officials and the citizens of the country. There have been a myriad of reactions to the laws that were enacted in order to preserve the mangrove of Yucatan. In conclusion, the laws and the reactions will determine how successful the conservation efforts will be for the Yucatan.


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