For a lot of people, living in London is a dream that has finally come true. These individuals believe that everything is quite possible in the city and they start their dream there. The city is rich in terms of education, culture, history, modern amenities, natural beauty and employment opportunities. It shares its citizens a sense of proud.

London is at par with New York and Tokyo in terms of being the world’s powerhouse. The city’s multicultural population is one of its advantages attracting all top businesses in the world. The use of English language and law predominantly also provides the city an edge over other competing powers.

London’s Employment in a Vibrant Economic State

The British economy takes pride of its 2 percent yearly growth rate. London significantly contributes to such success. Its employed population is nearly 3.5 million. Furthermore, this workforce’s wages are nearly 2 percent more than what other employees from other parts of the UK get. Therefore, the number of people who have been attracted to London is continuously increasing and they do not complain about their paychecks. On average, manual labour reaches £20,000 while white-collar jobs in urban areas provide salaries in six figures. The disadvantage about living and earning in the city is the expensive housing and costs of living. These costs in London are double the amount people will have to pay in other parts of the country.

Major Industries in the City of London

Finance is the lifeline of the industries in London, UK. The city prides itself of being the home of over 50 of the leading companies in the UK and over 100 of the biggest companies in Europe. The Canary Wharf of the city houses the worldwide headquarters of companies such as Reuters, HSBC and Barclays functioning as the secondary center of finance. Aside from finance, the creative sector is the city’s second growing industry. The sector has over 4, 000, 000 employees and has turnover of over £14 billion every year.

What London Has to Offer in Terms of Education

Deserving candidates are offered with great educational opportunities in London. Universities such as University of Westminster, London Metropolitan University, Royal College of Art and University of London as well as colleges like the London School of Economics and Political Science, Imperial College London and King’s College London attract plenty of students from different parts of globe. Residents in the city can obtain the best education because a degree offered by such institutions is priceless.

Leisure Destinations to Enjoy

London has plenty of wonderful places that tourists will be delighted with. The city has plenty of hotels and places to accommodate visitors and travelers. However, people who have been residents of London are still tourists in the city due to its interesting and attractive spots that don’t seem to age. The palaces, the museums, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, the parks and churches have always been attractive to veteran visitors. Those spots have always been among the reasons a life in London is interesting and worth the move.

Author Bio: James is a travel blogger who helps tourists wanting to live in London, UK. It has plenty of resources for places to stay in London especially for budget travelers.


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