Goa is the smallest state of India and is a tourist destination much loved by both locals and foreigners. Goa has something for everyone- warm pristine beaches for water babies, water sports activities for the adventurous, sumptuous variety of cuisines for food lovers, pilgrim centres for those seeking spiritual uplift and a hep party circuit for night birds. On your Goa Tour, don’t forget to include these places of interest in your itinerary:

Basilica of Bom Jesus All Goa Tours include a visit to this famous church located in Goa. Besides being the church where the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are kept, it is a prime example of baroque architecture which is simply captivating. This church, which was built in 1695, is today a World Heritage Monument and was once inlaid with precious stones as well. The interiors of the church are simple and carry influences of the Mosaico-Corinthian style. Hundreds of devotees visit the church daily to pay homage to the body of the saint that is kept in a beautiful casket.

The capital of Goa is a must-visit for those who enjoy Portuguese architecture as many of the buildings here carry influences of this style. Panaji is famous for its bazaars where tourists can purchase locally made liquor called ‘Feni’, fresh cashew nuts, Goan handicrafts, terracotta ware and other local delicacies. If you’re keen on savouring some local fare, head to any of the restaurants here for authentic Goan cuisine and of course for the fresh seafood. Your Goa tour would be incomplete without a taste of spicy vindaloo!

Calangute Beach If you’re looking for some more needed rest and relaxation on your Goa holiday, then simply take along a good book, suntan lotion and some great company and then head down to the ‘Queen of beaches’. Besides getting a chance to try some water sports, tourists will love the amazing food that the small stalls and restaurants serve here. Fresh seafood undoubtedly ranks high and a good way to end the day is by buying some locally made jewellery from the stalls.

Dudh Sagar Waterfall This is the 5th highest waterfall in India and is a must visit on your Goa holiday. Lying in the southern part of Goa, the word ‘Dudh Sagar’ actually means ‘A sea of milk’ and was thus named because of the beautiful manner in which the waters flowed. This waterfall with a height of 306 meters is at its most mesmerizing during the monsoon months from June to September.

Many Goa tours also include a trip to the spice plantations and wildlife sanctuaries here. Goa is truly the place where the party never stops!


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