This is for all the adrenaline junkies who are looking for their next adventure.

Are you considering a heli-skiing trip soon? Are you ready to ditch the boring chairlift for something a little more exciting? If you are, Revelstoke, British Columbia welcomes you to the slopes.

Not only is heli skiing in British Columbia a place of majestic and natural beauty, but also a paradise for thrill seeking heli skiers.

Think of it as a lifetime opportunity and a chance to experience something new.

This is however, one of the most famous heli skiing spots in the world. Imagine skiing down a mountain through the soft and legendary powder.

The snow in the area is deep from the amount of snow and navigating through the glacier terrain makes for an exciting adventure.

Of course, getting dropped off on the mountain by a helicopter pilot will be fun as well.

It is important to plan smartly before you head out to the wilderness.

Bringing the proper gear and equipment is part of this plan and can make your trip more comfortable. Wearing layers and layers of clothing is essential for staying warm.

Being cold and miserable is the last thing you want to happen. I take that back. An avalanche might be the last thing. Make sure you bring two goggles.

If one fogs up, you will have an extra pair to use. Gauntlet gloves can come in handy for heli skiiers. They can help prevent snow from getting in which can get quite annoying.

One of the most important items you will need is the ABS or avalanche airbag system.

If you are about to be caught in an avalanche, God forbid, you can pull a trigger which will then release the air bag.

It will keep you from getting buried underneath the snow and may end up saving your life. So plan ahead and remember the essentials.

If your unsure of what to do next, the area offers plenty of heli skiing packages that you can choose from.

If your quads can take it, you can ski with private guides for as long as you like.

Heli skiing guides along with the pilots have a lot of experience. they are very professional and will make your trip as comfortable and exciting as they can.

Come to the slopes and enjoy heli skiing in British Columbia. Once you get a taste of this paradise, you’ll be back for more. I guarantee it.


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