Asia is the home of tropical paradise. This is very true, especially if you are going to travel to Indonesia.

If you are within Asia, then you can find it very convenient to travel to Indonesia. On the other hand, if you are travelling from New York, then it’s going to be a long ride to get there.

It would take you more than one day to reach Indonesia. One of the most visited places in Indonesia is Bali.

It is a tropical paradise with fun filled activities to choose from. As a matter of fact, Bali is the top tourist spot in Indonesia.

What can you expect from Bali locals?

Balinese are very accommodating and friendly, especially to local and foreign travelers.

In fact, they like it a lot seeing visitors coming to their place. Most of its people can speak English so language barrier is not a problem. Unlike any other places in Asia, Bali succeeded in preserving its culture and tradition.

There are so many reasons why people keep on coming back to Bali and one of them is the beach. Its beaches are not only suitable for swimming, but as well as a perfect place for various water sports. The people of Bali are very artistic.

They love to paint, carve, weave, and enjoy handcrafting. In fact, the children are taught these types of arts at a very young age. The handcrafted products and displayed and sold to both local and foreign tourists.

Bali accommodations

There are different types of accommodations in Bali such as small bungalows, huge fancy hotels, and villas. With a wide range of choices, you will surely find a place that suits your needs and budget. Most hotels in Bali offer a scenic view of its beaches. 

Different tourist attractions in Bali


One of the top attractions in Bali is its temple or so called Pura in the Balinese dialect. The culture and tradition of Bali can be explored in its temples. Balinese are religious and so if you are going to visit their temple, you have to show utmost respect to their culture and religious beliefs.

Art galleries

As mentioned above, Balinese people are very artistic and creative and if you want to witness their artwork, then you can visit art gallery exhibits. Among the things you can see in their art exhibits are Komodo dragon and Java tiger.


There are a total of more than 400 volcanoes in Indonesia. The number of active volcanoes is 128 while the remaining is dormant.

Botanical garden

If you want to witness the flora and fauna of Bali, then make it a point to visit its botanical garden. Its botanical garden is truly amazing and breathtaking.

Special precaution

Without a doubt, Indonesia is one of the beautiful places not only in Asia, but the rest of the world. However, the possibility of terrorist attack is high.

Hence, you should take extra precaution when travelling to Indonesia. You should not travel alone and keep in mind all the precautionary measures when traveling to a foreign land.


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