Mexico is a great place for your next overseas adventure tour. Mexico is a land of great diversity with its modern cities, lush rainforests and historic ruins of the greatly advanced Mayan civilization.

For a never to be forgotten Mexico travel experience visit it’s most famous national park to explore fascinating and breathtaking historic Mayan temples and ruins.

The national park contains Mesoamerica’s largest fresh water wetlands that are full of animal and bird life and many other interesting sights and provides exciting activities for any adventure-seeker or bird watcher.

The base for this travel adventure is the San Pedro River and the Sacluc Stream where the tour starts. It is a small and personalized tour for just 12 fit explorers. And an English speaking guide will be provided whenever needed.

This tour involves four wheel drive travel, walking and boating in order to see these historic, scenic, and often remote sites.

The tour will lead you along rivers and into lush rainforests where you will see all types of fascinating species of birds and animals. There are abundant opportunities for bird watching, spotting the magnificent scarlet macaws, colorful toucans and cheeky parakeets.

And, keep looking, you will see, and definitely hear, Spider monkeys and noisy, aptly-named howler monkeys.  If you are very lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive and mysterious Tapir.

Of course, the amazing historic Mayan sites of El Peru and Waka are included on this tour. The ancient site called El Peru is situated in the Laguna del Tigre National Park and was originally called Waka.

For a great adventure tour this is a special place to visit. During the time of the ancient Mayans, Waka itself controlled the important trade of textiles up and down the San Pedro River. It was one of the great Mayan cities in rivalry with Tikal and Calakmul.

The Mayan ruins at the site are extensive and awe inspiring. You will see, explore, and wonder at the magnificent Mayan temples set against the scenic back drop of the fabulous flora of the region.

You will also explore this flora, as you go on with these great outdoor adventures that offer you a close-up jungle experience. And on your exploration, you will see the plants that are used as traditional medicine, native food and the varieties of local timber. The site offers a good bird watching experience.

Get to see Scarlet Macaw and innumerable bird species native to this region before it gets dark.

After dark, for additional and exciting adventure, there is a night time river tour of the Sacluc stream where you can see crocodiles in their native habitat as well as nocturnal creatures such as bats.

This area is a wondrous place to visit if you want to explore fascinating and varied historic and natural sites. There is abundant bird and animal life due to the vastness of the wetlands. The local flora and the jungle plants will be like nothing you have seen before.

Of course, it is a great archaeological area full of pre-Hispanic history with the magnificent Mayan ruins of El Peru or Waka city. There are many Mayan temples and other buildings to see and wander through.

The tour guides will teach you about the great Mayan people and their amazing achievements.


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