Surely you have heard of the exciting new world of Adventure Travel Tours that improve your travel experience by letting you get up close and personal through touring and hiking.

Mayan Riviera tours will give you the best adventure experience you could ever hope for.

The best way to visit Tikal and the Mayan territory is by going with a group adventure package.

Imagine you and your group arriving at a small cozy lodge called the Tikal Inn.

As you fall asleep on your first night you hear the exotic chatter of monkeys in the nearby rainforest.

You awaken to the sunrise tour of the ancient Mayan ruins, an integral part of this unique travel experience.  You will be learn about the history of the Mayans and discover the natural beauty by exploring the Mayan territory.

First, you want to find out what Tikal is all about. With Guatemala travel, there is just one thing on everybody’s lips: history.

A nation that preserves its history will never lose focus or be wiped away.

The Tikal nature preserves part of the Mayan ruins. This territory in the Guatemalan nation has been described by investigators, historians, and writers as the Mecca of ancient times.

What this means is that people from all over the world used to make a pilgrimage to this site to explore it and enjoy the spiritual fulfillment it offered them.

The beauty and scenery of the area and its Mayan cities and temples have endeared this place to travelers for centuries.

On Tikal tours, there are a lot of exciting and adventurous activities to enjoy during your hiking trips.

You can fly through the trees zip lining racing by families of monkeys. You can go horseback riding between the ancient ruins and the dense rainforest.

These are experiences you could never have in your everyday life at home. You will get to see the lost world complex.  This is the great Mayan pyramid that stands out as the oldest building in the Mayan ruins standing in Tikal.

You will be amazed to see that this central temple is surrounded by many other temples; it is an extensive archeological site that also includes fascinating museums of Mayan history where you can learn details of Mayan culture and life.

You can also enjoy the sights and tours of the temple of Masks which was historically the ceremonial, religious, and social center of Tikal. These sights make your tour of Guatemala fulfilling and complete.

The Mayan historical sites are the central and magnificent attractions in the region.

When you choose hiking trips for your adventure travel tours, you will have a great experience with Mayan Riviera tours. The Mayan region offers the best of scenery in hiking.  You will hike through nature and history for a life-expanding experience.


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